Pero has been a backbone of New Zealand teams since debuting in 1994 and was instrumental in their semifinal finish at the 2002 world championships, earning tournament team status among some of the sport’s biggest names. He was co-captain at the Sydney Olympics and assumed outright leadership soon afterwards. Pero has played professionally in Malaysia, England, Australia (with the NZ Breakers) and now Turkey.

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Sean's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

    • Basketball (Basketball - Men) Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs RSA: 88-58 Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs ENG: 84-63 Preliminary Rounds - BAR vs NZL: 91-51 Semi - Final Game 2nd Pool A vs 1st Pool B: 90-66 Gold Medal Game Winner SF3 vs Winner SF4: 76-81 2
  • Olympic Summer Games Athens 2004

    • Basketball (Basketball - Men) Preliminaries: 69-71 Preliminaries: 90-87 Preliminaries: 94-98 Preliminaries: 84-88 Classification 9-10: 80-98 Placed 10 of 12
  • Olympic Summer Games Sydney 2000