North Harbour's Petrea Webster is the definition of a tough hockey player. She puts her body on the line in every contest and never gives up.

With close to 150 international caps, Webster's fitness and stamina is a huge strength of her game while she can also put the ball into the back of the net.

Rio will be the first Olympic Games for Petrea.

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Petrea's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Women's Bronze Medal Match 1-2
      Women's Quarterfinal Match 4-2
      Women's Semifinal Match 0-3
      Women's Pool Match 5 3-0
      Women's Pool Match 4 1-1
      Women's Pool Match 3 2-1
      Women's Pool Match 1 4-1
      Women's Pool Match 2 1-2
      Placed 4 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Bronze Medal Match 5-2
      Preliminary WA Match W17 6-0
      Preliminary WA Match W15 2-1
      Preliminary WA Match W10 3-0
      Preliminary WA Match W05 14-0
      Semi-finals 1-1