On representing NZ: It means a lot - I would've never thought that I would have made it but I did, so I am extremely happy to be part of the team. 

My inspiration to excel: Humans naturally like to be superior and I guess my competitive nature also inspires me to work hard and excel at my sport.

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Julia's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Youth Games Singapore 2010

    • Table Tennis (Singles - Women)
      Group GG First Round 4-11,5-11,4-11
      Group GG Third Round 2-11,5-11,7-11
      Group GG Second Round 7-11,8-11,8-11
      Group F Third Round 3-11,2-11,5-11
      Group F Second Round 11-13,9-11,7-11
      Group F First Round 7-11,3-11,4-11
      Placed 29 of 30
    • Table Tennis (Team - Mixed)
      Knock Out for Position 17-32
      Group F Third Round
      Group F Second Round
      Group F First Round
      Placed 25 of 32