’s drag flick specialist has now scored over 100 goals for the Black Sticks and is easily one of the world’s best ever drag flick exponents. Making his debut in 2002 against Australia, he quickly secured his spot and played an influential role in the 2002 Commonwealth Games silver medal effort with his trademark drag flick. Shaw is a big imposing defender with a great mental approach and maturity on the field. He is now working hard on his fitness and motivation to ensure he plays an important part in the Black Sticks assault on Beijing. A Canterbury stalwart who was influential in their 2005 NHL win, scoring the golden goal extra time winner under all sorts of pressure – something he has done many times for both Canterbury and New Zealand.

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Hayden's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men) New Zealand v Trinidad & Tobago: 7-1 Pakistan v Scotland: Canada v South Africa: India v Malaysia: Australia v Scotland: England v Trinidad & Tobago: New Zealand v South Africa: 4-2 Pakistan v Malaysia: Canada v England: India v Australia: South Africa v Trinidad & Tobago: New Zealand v England: 3-5 Pakistan v Australia: Trinidad & Tobago v Canada: Scotland v India: England v South Africa: New Zealand v Canada: 1-1 Australia v Malaysia: Pakistan v India: 5th Pool MA vs 5th Pool MB (9th & 10th): 1st Pool MA vs 2nd Pool MB: 2-6 3rd Pool MA vs 3rd Pool MB (5th & 6th): 1st Pool MB vs 2nd Pool MA: 4th Pool MA vs 4th Pool MB (7th & 8th): 3rd and 4th: 5-3 Final: 3
  • Olympic Summer Games Beijing 2008

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men) Preliminaries - Pool A - KOR v NZL: 1-3 Preliminaries - Pool A - NZL v ESP: 0-1 Preliminaries - Pool A - BEL v NZL: 2-4 Preliminaries - Pool A - NZL v CHN: 2-2 Preliminaries - Pool A - GER v NZL: 3-1 Classification 7th-8th: 4-2 Placed 7 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men) Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs ENG: 3-4 Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs CAN: 4-1 Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs SCO: 5-0 Preliminary Rounds - AUS vs NZL: 2-5 Classification - 3rd Pool MA vs 3rd Pool MB (5th &: 2-1
  • Olympic Summer Games Athens 2004

    • Hockey (Hockey - Men) Preliminaries - Pool B: 4-1 Preliminaries - Pool B: 1-4 Preliminaries - Pool B: 3-4 Preliminaries - Pool B: 3-1 Preliminaries - Pool B: 2-1 Classification 5-8: 4-3 Classification 5-6: 2-4 Placed 6 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Manchester 2002