One of Gordon Tietjens' finds of the 2012/13 season, he has never looked back since making an exciting debut at the Wellington Sevens. He's a player with explosive pace, a handy goose step and a keen eye for the try line. 

Stepping into the shoes of veteran Tomasi Cama in the 2013 season, he became the season's third top points scorer. He capped off this stellar first season in the black jersey by being named in the season's Dream Team alongside Tim Mikkelson. With regular appearances, he's now fourth on the list of New Zealand's top points scorers.

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Gillies's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

    • Rugby - Sevens (Rugby Sevens - Men)
      Men's Placing 5-6 17-14
      Men's Placing 5-8 24-19
      Men's Quarterfinal 1 7-12
      Men's Pool C - Game 3 19-21
      Men's Pool C - Game 2 28-5
      Men's Pool C - Game 1 12-14
      Placed 5 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Rugby - Sevens (Rugby Sevens - Men)
      Gold Medal Match 12-17
      Medal Semi-finals 19-7
      Medal Quarter-finals 19-7
      Prelim -Pool A Match 5 59-0
      Prelim -Pool A Match 3 17-14
      Prelim -Pool A Match 1 39-0