Evelyn Williamson

New Zealand Olympian: 865

Evelyn Williamson was born in Hamilton. When she was 21 years old, her University of Otago friends were intending to travel to the Triathlon World Championships in Manchester. They suggested she try triathlon and come along for the trip. Because she had been a competitive swimmer from an early age and had a background in rowing, netball and waterpolo, Evelyn had a good endurance base. She successfully qualified as an age-group athlete for the Triathlon World Championships in 1993 in Manchester. She competed in another two age-group World Championships before turning professional and attending the 1996 World Championships in Cleveland, Ohio.

Evelyn continued to train hard, racing around the world. A short two years later, she made her way onto the international podium with a Bronze Medal at the Elite 1998 World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Evelyn's Games History