Anita is one of the most recognisable members of the New Zealand team, and will play a key role at her second Olympic Games.

The 28-year-old is one of the fastest hockey players in the world, who is equally at home on the sprint track. Anita's speed and skill can see her dominate opposition defenders while she is also a lethal drag flicker from penalty corners. She is the leading women's goal scorer of all-time.

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Anita's Games History

  • Olympic Summer Games Rio 2016

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women) Women's Pool Match 2: 1-2 Women's Pool Match 1: 4-1 Women's Pool Match 3: 2-1 Women's Pool Match 4: 1-1 Women's Pool Match 5: 3-0 Women's Semifinal Match: 0-3 Women's Bronze Medal Match: 1-2 Women's Quarterfinal Match: 4-2 Placed 4 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women) Semi-finals: 1-1 Preliminary WA Match W05: 14-0 Preliminary WA Match W10: 3-0 Preliminary WA Match W15: 2-1 Preliminary WA Match W17: 6-0 Bronze Medal Match: 5-2 3
  • Olympic Summer Games London 2012

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women) Pool WB Match W01: 1 - 0 Pool WB Match W08: 4 - 1 Pool WB Match W18: 1 - 2 Pool WB Match W23: 3 - 2 Pool WB Match W25: 0 - 0 Semifinal 1 Match W33: 3 - 5 Bronze Medal Match W37: 1 - 3 Placed 4 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women) New Zealand v Wales: 5-1 South Africa v Trinidad & Tobago: Canada v Malaysia: India v Scotland: England v Wales: Australia v Trinidad & Tobago: New Zealand v Malaysia: 5-0 South Africa v Scotland: Canada v England: India v Australia: Scotland v Trinidad & Tobago: Malaysia v Wales: South Africa v Australia: New Zealand v England: 4-1 Trinidad & Tobago v India: Wales v Canada: Malaysia v Scotland: England v Malaysia: Australia v Scotland: New Zealand v Canada: 3-1 South Africa v India: 5th Pool WA vs 5th Pool WB (9th & 10th): 1st Pool WA vs 2nd Pool WB: 3rd Pool WA vs 3rd Pool WB (5th & 6th): 1st Pool WB vs 2nd Pool WA: 1-0 4th Pool WA vs 4th Pool WB (7th & 8th): 3rd and 4th: Final: 2-2 (PS2-4) 2